Newton Cowan, Transitional Director of Pastoral Care

Before you email me and say, “I’m a week off” I fully understand that Father’s Day was yesterday. But I am reflecting on Father’s Day for many reasons.  I often think that life, at least for me, has that rearview mirror so we can take a long look back and see the hand of God at work.

While my parents were divorced when I was young, I had a very strong mother who made sure I was surrounded by many “parents.” This included so many, many volunteers and staff of this church, coaches, incredible Scout masters and many others. I also had a grandfather with whom I spent a tremendous amount of time. What a gift for me, that at the time I am sure I did not appreciate.

I am so grateful for all those I believe God sent, to help nurture me, challenge me, laugh, and cry with me. I never felt like I did not have a father — I had many “fathers” and many parents.

I am thankful for my daughters, thankful not to receive any more pottery ashtrays, but in all seriousness, I am grateful for my daughters. We tried to do the same for them, to place them in circumstances and places where they could be nurtured and cared for by many “parents.”

I invite you to recall those who came before you, who helped nurture you and shape you. I pray you will take some time to discern how you might be that for others.

The church is one big family, and we need folks in all kinds of roles.