About FPC Youth

We have a truly unique Youth Program thanks not only to our students, but also parent and adult volunteers.  goal is to put mature, Christian adults in the life of teens to connect them with their faith, each other, and the church.  If you are a middle school or high school student we have a place for you here.


A new face in youth ministry

After 18 months of search and discernment by a dedicated committee, our youth leadership is now complete! Lisa Witherspoon, who has ably led both ministries during the search, has been promoted to Director of Children & Youth. She will be joined by Phaedra Smith (left), who will serve as Associate Director of Children & Youth. 

Phaedra has been a youth ministry intern at Myers Park Presbyterian, has worked as a pre-clubs counselor at Montreat Conference Center, and this month finishes her bachelor’s degree in applied ministries. She wrote in her application letter, “My calling is about continually showing children and youth that God’s table specifically welcomes them and invites them into this community of faith.” She will begin her ministry in February! Thanks to those who served during the search: members Sara Stroud, Claire Driscoll, Leigh Jones, Sally King, and Elizabeth Wilson, and staff Donna Chase, Jill Duffield, Lisa Witherspoon, and Will Edwards


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Our Vision

Through big events, weekly and monthly connections, and milestones, FPC hopes to grow our youth’s passion for Christ.