Holy Week begins April 2

Palm Sunday: Children’s choirs sing during worship services, 9 and 11 am.


Two services this Sunday

  • 9 am Rejoice!
  • 11 am Sanctuary



Sunday, April 2: Palm Sunday
Two worship services, Jill Duffield preaches.
Scriptures: Psalm 118:1-2,19-29 and Matthew 21:1-11

9 am Rejoice! in the Life Center
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11 am in the sanctuary
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Coffee & doughnut fellowship at 8:30 am in Mullin Life Center, before the Rejoice! service at 9.


Prayer requests

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Spiritual formation this week

Videos, small groups, activities, and more on our Digital Formation page.


North Elm Notes

Children & Family E-News: March 29, 2023

Dear Families, It's almost Holy Week! We hope you will join us for some of our Holy Week services, starting this Sunday, Palm Sunday!  Thursday, April 6 - Maundy Thursday - 6pm Communion in the Life Center (This will be an interactive service and...

Reaching out to Covenant

Friends, Once again we are reeling in the wake of a tragic school shooting, this time in a church school affiliated with our PCA siblings in Christ. We know how close the bonds between a congregation and the school within its walls are and...

The legacy of Mr. Rogers and Grandaddy Cowan

I am certain that each of you marked March 20th on your calendar. That happened to be Mr. Rogers Day. So on Tuesday the 21st, I shared a story Mr. Rogers wrote about what an incredible teacher his grandfather was. Not a professor, but a teacher of...

An Extra Note…

OUR FAITH COMMUNITY has been serving God with joy since 1824. (The Greensboro Historical Museum was our church in the late 19th century.) We celebrate that history, but we are more excited about our future! We believe we are called to share Christ’s message of love and grace in the things we do and say. We are not perfect, but like Presbyterians everywhere, we are reformed and always reforming. We think you can find a spiritual home here. Come and see!