Livestream worship at 9 am with Rev. Danny Massie preaching “A Goodly Heritage.” Music from the Rejoice! and Chancel Choir ensembles. Scriptures: Psalm 16 and Hebrews 12:1-2. See Danny’s preview.

Modified, in-person service at 11 am. Up to 100 people may attend, masks and advance reservations required. Make Worship Reservations beginning 9 am Tuesday. Reservations remain open until filled or midnight Saturday. Learn more here.


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Spiritual formation at FPC continues with videos, small groups, activities, and more. See this week’s options on our Digital Formation page.


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North Elm Notes

Bidding Farewell 

There are a lot of ways to say goodbye, to bid farewell to family, friends and even mere acquaintances. Every language has at least one and many have multiple ways to express this sentiment given the situation and circumstances.  Adios, adieu,...

‘This Got You’

This summer, every Monday morning, I woke up early to complete my weekly long run. Physiologists and running coaches have long touted the value of a weekly long run for every serious training program. For reasons, I don’t understand, the magic...

Gratitude and anticipation

Friends, I want to begin with gratitude to the PNC for their incredible work during a season that brought unique challenges. Their graciousness, humor and humility throughout all our encounters truly inspired and encouraged me these past months. I...

An Extra Note…

OUR FAITH COMMUNITY has been serving God with joy since 1824. (The Greensboro Historical Museum was our church in the late 19th century.) We celebrate that history, but we are more excited about our future! We believe we are called to share Christ’s message of love and grace in the things we do and say. We are not perfect, but like Presbyterians everywhere, we are reformed and always reforming. We think you can find a spiritual home here. Come and see!