Sunday, June 26:
Third Sunday After Pentecost

Rachel Fitch will preach. Scriptures: Psalm 16 and Luke 9:51-62.​ Lemonade fellowship will be held on the Greene Street lawn at 10 am.

9 am Rejoice! service in Mullin Life Center
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11 am Sanctuary service with livestream
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Note: Masks are optional . Worship seating is in every other pew; if we reach capacity, then you are welcome to sit wherever there is space. 

Prayer requests

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Spiritual formation this week

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North Elm Notes

What a week. What do we do?

What a week: For the first time in decades the Congress of the United States passed bipartisan legislation on gun control and after half a century the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe V Wade. The former not getting much attention...

Who nurtured you?

Before you email me and say, “I’m a week off” I fully understand that Father’s Day was yesterday. But I am reflecting on Father’s Day for many reasons.  I often think that life, at least for me, has that rearview mirror so we can take a long look...

God has called us all, together

In the church I served in during my YAV (PCUSA Young Adult Volunteer) year, we were a body of, mostly older, Scottish folks but also of folks gathered from around the world. Each week as we would pray the Lord’s Prayer together in worship we were...

An Extra Note…

OUR FAITH COMMUNITY has been serving God with joy since 1824. (The Greensboro Historical Museum was our church in the late 19th century.) We celebrate that history, but we are more excited about our future! We believe we are called to share Christ’s message of love and grace in the things we do and say. We are not perfect, but like Presbyterians everywhere, we are reformed and always reforming. We think you can find a spiritual home here. Come and see!