The Wednesday Men’s Bible Study group, along with other members, are sponsoring four men who had helped the U.S. military in Afghanistan. (A fifth has moved to San

One recently passed his written driver’s license test! A major need is for an old car. Currently a van picks them up and takes them to work in Whitsett at a cost of $15 a day per person – that translates to $15,600 per year. If you have a car to donate or know someone who might, please contact John Atkinson, by email or call 336-255-7684.

A second group, the Oasis team, includes members Jackie Wilson and Dian Nussbaum. They are working with a mom and dad, their four children and a disabled aunt.

The father has a car, a learner’s permit, and insurance. He will soon get a permanent license and then will be employed by a plumbing company. The adult ladies have another job sewing from home. The aunt, who arrived with two damaged prosthetic legs, is working to become acclimatized to new prosthetics and have physical therapy to become proficient with them! The Oasis team is continuing to help the family become comfortable with Access GSO and with Medicaid transport.

Finally, a church member has made a generous $20,000 gift to help these refugees build a stable foundation for their new lives. The teams will get together to determine how best to use this special gift.

This ministry is an example of how FPC lives Matthew 25, bringing our faith alive as we engage with our neighbors and our world with our hands, our hearts, and our financial blessings.