Newton Cowan, Transitional Director of Pastoral Care

I am certain that each of you marked March 20th on your calendar. That happened to be Mr. Rogers Day. So on Tuesday the 21st, I shared a story Mr. Rogers wrote about what an incredible teacher his grandfather was. Not a professor, but a teacher of life, an example for Mr. Rogers. He wrote, “He’d help me find something wonderful in the smallest of things, and ever so carefully, he helped me understand the enormous worth of every human being.”

As I reflect on my own life, I am humbled and moved by all the people God has and is putting in my path. Especially my grandfather Cowan.

Dear Grandaddy Cowan,

Not sure where to start, but a simple note to say thank you for the life lessons you bestowed upon me. For the many days out on the farm watching a calf being born, the dogs that needed to be played with, the climbing and counting of the hay bales, the countless hours with a cane pole down by the lake. You gave of your time for me. You modeled unconditional love and a deep, deep faith, for you had your spot at West Market Street UMC. I will always cherish the time together and think fondly of the cool breeze on the screened-in porch, eating stale Oreos and a cold bottle of Coke. 

Much love, Newton.

Perhaps my story stirs in you a memory of a relative or adult figure who helped shape you. I do wonder what my calling is for being a light to others. What legacy we will leave behind for the next generation. Church is that place where we can be open to journeying with the young people, to welcoming them, and being a support system to remind them that they are known, and they are loved.

If you are so moved, I would welcome hearing your story of a person who guided you on your journey of faith and life.