Rachel Fitch
Sid & Cathy Batts Pastoral Resident

Each Wednesday morning at preschool chapel, Ms. Lisa leads the children in a call to worship.  Using hand gestures and words the children say:

“With eyes to see and ears to hear,

with mouths to sing and hearts to love,

let us worship God together.”

As we participate in this call to worship, I cannot help but think about the ways we not only are called to worship, but also to live our lives in attentiveness to God’s work around us.

Where have you seen the Spirit’s presence recently?

As a handful of the high school seniors were recognized last Sunday, it was beautiful to see their parents standing behind them with a hand on their shoulder as they received a blessing.  As these youth begin new journeys, it was powerful to see so many of you there to celebrate with them – as you have prayed for them and watched them grow, you have been their Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teachers, their nursery helpers and youth leaders.

With chairs and wheelchairs circled in the living room and then the chapel, a few residents gathered for a Communion service at Well-Spring last Monday.  It was amazing to see the connections and hear a few stories – stories of years and decades of friendship, laughter, and support of one another, God weaving lives together.

With the front pews filled and a constant buzz of excitement, the preschool children and their mothers and special friends gathered in the sanctuary for chapel last week.  A church member read a children’s book that she has written, and it was beautiful to see the excitement and joy on the children’s faces.  It was a gift, too, to witness the love poured out in that space – from teachers, families, and children, each child seen and loved so much.

This Tuesday and Thursday our neighbors will come in for a hot meal and a warm welcome.  This Wednesday our children will sing of God’s work and goodness as they perform their musical based on Daniel and the lions’ den.  This Sunday we will celebrate the gift of Baptisms and Pentecost, gathering afterward for food and fellowship.

God is at work, let us give thanks.  And, with eyes to see and ears to hear, with mouths to sing and hearts to love, let us continue to not only worship God together corporately, but to love our neighbors and be attentive to Christ’s presence in our midst.