For many of our students, today is the first day of school for the new school year. For some, it is the return to the familiar and comfortable while for others it is the start of something new and uncertain. Some students have been looking forward to the start of school practically since they got out at the start of summer and are eager to be back in the classroom. Others have been dreading the start of school and are dragging their feet on the way to the car or bus. For all these students and more, we pray.

The students starting school this year are all ages, from a couple of weeks old going to day care for the first time to elementary, middle, and high school students, to college students and graduate students, there are students in all different phases of their education. Some have had gaps in their education and are going back to try to finish what they previously started or were unable to even start earlier in their lives while some have been students their whole lives. Some are just starting their educational journeys while others are preparing to graduate and are filled with questions about what is next. For all these students and more, we pray.

The students starting school this year come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some have the latest and greatest school supplies, while others are scrambling to find supplies which they can afford. Some have been blessed to excel in traditional learning environments while others have been blessed to learn differently. Some come from stable and secure homes while others have experienced trauma in their homes and live in fear and uncertainty. For all these students and more, we pray.

It is not just students who are returning to school, but also teachers and staff, administrators, coaches, and bus drivers. Some have been around for decades and have everything down pat for the start of school while others are just getting started and are trying to figure things out. Some have the backing of great systems and structure with many resources while others are left to fend for themselves trying to stretch limited resources to meet the various needs of the students they work with. For all these teachers, staff, administrators, and more, we pray.

It is not just students and staff who are impacted by the start of school, but also parents and families, guardians, and friends. Some are anxious about the new school year while others are relieved that school has finally started. For some the start of school means the easing of burdens while for others it signals the start of more responsibilities. For all those who orbit around those involved in the start of school and more, we pray. Amen.