Rachel at FPC’s tent at Pink in the Park

Where have you glimpsed the kingdom of heaven?  Where have you seen God’s presence?

As we looked at the first of the Beatitudes, this was a question we reflected on at a young adult gathering last Wednesday.  Perhaps you, like me, also wish to reflect on this one more often.

Where have you glimpsed the kingdom of God?

Several named the joy, pure honesty, and love shared by children.  We talked about music and the gift of hearing voices lifted together in praise.  The image of the darkened sanctuary, candles lit, raised high, as the congregation joins their voices in singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve.

Where have you glimpsed the kingdom of God?

A few of us gathered on Thursday morning at Pink in the Park, and I had the gift of joining.  We passed out pink roses, little paper butterflies, and care cards.  And we invited folks to write a prayer request as we’ll be praying for them in the weeks to come.  As people took turns writing and waiting to write their prayers, the Spirit’s presence was felt.  There were connections made.  A former student had a reunion with their former teacher, a church member.  Another from a local church told us about their partnership with FPC to help house families in need.  One shared that her father had worked at the church under Dr. Redhead.  Another named how important prayer is, how needed it is. There was immense gratitude.

Prayer, praying together, and praying for one another – it is something that can seem so simple.  Yet, it is so central to our calling as disciples of Christ.  It is a powerful act as we turn to and rest in the presence of our powerful and loving God.  These connections, these words shared, this waiting to write down one’s prayers – it was a holy space and a glimpse of the kingdom.

Where have you glimpsed the kingdom of God?

If you have places or stories, I would love to hear them.  And, I pray, that God might give us continued patience and attentiveness to the Spirit’s work in our midst, to these glimpses of the kingdom.  Might God continue to give our congregation the courage and strength to pray and to share God’s love in each place.