Newton Cowan, Transitional Director of Pastoral Care

Dear Mom,

Often, I walk the halls of this church and remember.  I remember.  I remember roller skating in Redhead Hall, singing (well, mouthing the words) in the children’s choir with Dr. Pethel from the side balcony.  I remember the classrooms and see the faces, on the wall of Elders, of those who taught me in Sunday school.

I remember sitting in the pews, well, The Pew, “our row” on the lectern side, about five back.  I remember Dr. Mullin and all the wonderful associate pastors.  I’ll be honest mom, I was not always paying attention, I may have had a daydream or two.  But there we sat as a family as you raised us by yourself, and you understood the value and the importance of being in this place week in and week out. You knew it was important for us to be surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses who taught us about Jesus and being in community.  Yep, there were plenty of nights I did not always want to go to youth group, but it was a place where I began lifelong friendships with kids from other schools, and I cherish those memories.

So, mom, I want to say. “thank you.”  Thank you for your commitment to this place, to growing your own faith, for bringing me to a place where the seeds of faith, hope and love were planted, and where God waters those seeds. My life has forever been changed, yes, because of the work God has and is doing in my life, but also because of you.  Thank you!  I love you and I miss you.

Much Love,


CC:  Congregation of FPC


To the members of this church, the above is a true story. I wonder who you might write a letter of gratitude to?

I write this as a reminder. To remind us all of the relevance that church has, especially in times such as these.  One of the gifts of this ministry is being with families, who come back for a funeral, and share the stories of this place and the impact on their lives.  What about you?

I know many of you got out of the habit of church during COVID.  I get it.  I also know that many of you all are busy with life, I get it.  Please know that the doors of the church of Jesus Christ, here at FPC, are open and we welcome you.