Matt Logan

Matt Logan,
Director of Discipleship and Young Adult Ministry

Last Monday morning was my first day as the interim assistant coach at UNCG.

I met more people than I can remember, visited facilities I can’t find on a map, and verified my legal work status with HR. I don’t have a parking pass yet. I parked at the UKIRK house on South Mendenhall Street and walked across campus. It didn’t cost me a penny. I couldn’t find it on Google, so instead I told Siri to take me to Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church. I met the pastor of CotCPC at a UKIRK event a few months ago.

I didn’t really know where I was going. I got lost and recognized the psychology building where I watched member Maddy Lowman give her Ph.D. defense. I was going the wrong way. I knew I needed to be in the athletic department building. I had walked through there once before. I was lost looking for the sand volleyball courts and decided to cut through. That night, I met the young adults for an hour of fun together. There were nine of us, and I complained that volleyball was hard on my “arm-shins.”

I got the opportunity at UNCG after three years of coaching at Page. When I moved to Greensboro Neil connected me with David Blue, FPC member. David’s daughter Liana was the head coach at Page at the time. I met her for coffee at the Green Bean at Golden Gate. A place Meade Willis, FPC member, recommended to me. I found out there were a few members of the FPC youth group on the team. I got to know some of the other coaches in the athletic department. The basketball coach has family at FPC. The assistant AD went to FPC’s First School “back in the day.”

“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12.12

When you drive home from work, do you ever not remember it? Do you ever just sit in your driveway and think, “I remember walking to my car and pulling into my driveway, but everything else is pretty blurry?”

Monday was one of those days. I was reflecting on how FPC is, and has the potential to continue to be, a church that connects our city. Not just portions of our city, but our entire city. That’s what I was thinking about when things got blurry on my drive home Monday. A giant web of connections that led me to where I was Monday morning. A truth I am often forced to re-remember. We are all connected. Though many, we are one body.

It happens every Sunday, and most days in between at our church. Just listen and you will hear the conversations. Oh, yes! I met so-and-so who went to grade school with my spouse’s sister at some place back during something.

I pray that we will remember how we are connected to each other through the bride of Christ, the Church. Those connections allow us to live out our ultimate connection to each other through the body of Christ, Jesus, our God.

Tuesday morning, I had to be at UNCG very early. I knew that UKIRK was not the best place to park in relation to the athletic offices. I knew where to go. Just across Josephine Boyd Street there is a park that has curbside parking. I parked at College Park and crossed at Walker Avenue. I had made the walk once before, the night I played sand volleyball with a bunch of church members.