Lana Burske, Director of Weekday Preschool

In a year that has felt like a perpetual Lenten season, filled with uncertainty, loneliness, grief, weariness, and darkness, Advent finds our hearts yearning for the Christ child and the hope he brings.

FPC’s Advent theme, “From Darkness to Light,” recognizes the challenges of 2020 and turns our focus to hope and joy.

As many have put up decorations earlier than usual this year to change their scenery at home and bring in the spirit of Christmas a bit quicker, our perspectives might have changed as well. We all know we should be grateful for what we have, the blessings God has given us, and thankful for the little things, but it is not always easy.

Many families struggle daily with raising of their children and the virtual schooling process. Many struggle to entertain their children and maintain some sort of sanity while the pandemic keeps us from gathering with friends and even extended family.  Many must make the choice to work or stay home and keep the children – an impossible choice. Many are alone in their homes.

Sara and Asher Stroud add to the stack of gifts for 37 sponsored children.

The Christmas season is a welcome change —  when there is enough money to provide the basics of living and the hope of gifts on December 25.  More families struggle just to have enough of anything this year.

Something beautiful I have witnessed this Christmas season is how quickly our church members stepped up to provide light and love to those in need. Within days, 37 children were sponsored and gift cards for food and necessities were donated for families and to the Hot Dish & Hope ministry.

This is hope and goodness manifested through people who love Christ and do His work. This is the Advent I have longed for. This is our church family who sees the lightness through the darkness. This is all generations recognizing the importance of sharing the love of Christ.

These gifts came from families who are struggling, from singles who are lonely, from the elderly who live in isolation, from children who are trying to understand, and from members in our church family who just want to help.

This love and humility is how we overcome despair, sadness, and loneliness. This is how we move into the Advent season and know the hope God wants for us.

Being the hands and heart of Christ brings us into the light, especially when we are tired and weary. Find your light and shine it into the darkness.


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