Matt Bussell, Associate Pastor for Outreach

One of the things that fascinates me about Genesis 1 is that after each day of creation, God declares what has been made good. This act of creation is the overflowing of God’s creativity and love into a universe full of majesty and wonder. Creation, God declares, is good!

Creation is a gift given by God for all to flourish. The opening story of creation ends with God entrusting the care of this good creation to humanity. As image bearers of God, we are tasked to use our own creativity and love to help God’s creation thrive.

Unfortunately for us and creation, this calling to tend to the world has been distorted by our sin. Rather than viewing the world as a gift entrusted to our care on which we depend, we have viewed creation as something for us to control and exploit for our personal gain and pleasure. We have lost, in large part, our connection to the creation which sustains us.

April 22 is Earth Day and the whole month of April is Earth Care Month. This is a time to celebrate the gift of God’s creation and remember our calling to care for the earth. First Presbyterian Church is an Earth Care Congregation, part of a network of congregations around the country within the PC(USA) dedicated to caring for God’s wonderful creation.

Climate change is massive problem which can seem overwhelming, but we can make a difference in caring for God’s creation! We can start small through recycling. Did you know that in the parking deck behind the Life Center playground we have Styrofoam and glass recycling? When you come to worship, simply bring your glass and Styrofoam and drop them off in the bins and trailer to keep these items out of the landfill.

It seems like such a simple and small step, but when we do it together, we make a difference!

Learn more about how to care for God’s creation

Join us on Saturday, April 20 from 1 to 4 pm in Keeley Park for the Greensboro Earth Day Festival. There will be a wide range of activities and educational opportunities including: Dos and Don’ts of Recycling, A Beginners Guide to Composting, and tree planting demo and more. Plus sunshine and a beautiful space!