Via web:

Use our secure server to give toward your annual pledge or make a special gift.


Via app:

Install the SecureGive mobile app on your phone or netbook Apple iOS | Android.


Via text:

Make a gift to our general fund, to our hunger ministries, or toward your annual pledge from your phone.

  • Create a text message and address it to 74483.
  • In your message, type the code from choices below, then a space, then the amount you wish to give, without the dollar sign. The message must use this format. Note: These are examples; you may use any amount you like.

fpcgive 25 means you are giving $25 to the general fund.

fpchunger 50 means you are giving $50 to our hunger ministries.

fpcpledge 75 means you are giving $75 toward your annual pledge.


You will receive a confirmation text.

The first time you give, this text will be a link to setup your login and card information.

In future the system will recognize you automatically, and send a confirmation text asking you to respond with a Y (meaning yes). Reply with a Y.

You will receive a receipt via email, and your church giving statement will include these gifts.