The New Year is a time for new beginnings, new goals, and renewed spirits! Here are some ideas to try with your family as we start this new year – and new decade!

  • I loved this idea for a FAMILY FAITH JAR. It would be a great, fun way to ignite family faith discussions and work on some spiritual practices together!
  • The first of the year is also a great time to start a new family devotional practice! I like THIS ONE because it has the scripture stories included as well as questions to talk about and optional family activities to do. There are 52 entries, so one per week for the new year!
  • Have you ever considered choosing a family word for 2020? HERE is a great explanation. (You can Google others). Once your family has chosen a word, write it on a piece of paper and let the kids decorate it with markers and stickers. Then, put it on the refrigerator to help you remember to keep that word in focus all year long!
  • Around here, January-March are usually our coldest months and when we are most likely to get some snow days!! I love this book called “SNOWFLAKES FALL” by Patricia Maclachlan that helps children see how they are unique just like snowflakes.
  • My daughter’s school read a book called “THE MITTEN TREE” by Candace Christansen. After reading it, kids brought in donations of mittens to decorate a tree. The mittens were then donated to help needy children. It would be a great activity for an elementary or preschool class, a neighborhood, or a family! You can donate children’s mittens to a local school or adult gloves to the IRC.
  • Last, when a snow day is approaching and you head to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread, why not grab the ingredients for this HOT CHOCOLATE MIX IN A JAR?!? It is easy for kids to make and would be a great way to share some love and warmth with friends & neighbors on cold days!

What new things will your family try in 2020?