Lent 2021

Surely the Lord is in this place

Rev. Jill Duffield    Senior Pastor

A reflection for Lent: The promised presence | Jill Duffield

Siblings in Christ, While we are not where we had hoped to be by Lent 2021, we trust that God is nonetheless with us exactly where we are. The theme for this year, “Surely the Lord is in THIS place,” is taken from Genesis 28:16. Jacob wakes from his dream, having had the vision of the ladder and received God’s promise, and says, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was unaware of it.” Often God is present and speaking but we are oblivious to these holy manifestations. This Lent we invite you to be open to the divine wherever you find yourself.

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A playlist for the season

As you go about this Lenten season, check out the FPC Lent playlist on Spotify. Listen to it in the car, on walks and runs, cooking in the kitchen, or anywhere else to remember that the Lord is already in whatever place you find yourself. The playlist is made up of suggestions from our staff, spanning all sorts of eclectic genres and styles. It has something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy it. Downloading and listening are free. Curated by Keith Dove; see his intro here.