Sanctuary, Smith and Memorial Buildings

Memorial Building includes Redhead Hall, a versatile meeting room

Interior of Sanctuary featuring large rose window.Worship is central to why we exist. Preaching, prayer, song, and liturgy root us in God’s living word so that we can leave to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world. The sanctuary will celebrate its centennial in 2029!

Our vision of Meaningful Worship, Lifelong Learning, Authentic Relationships and Transformative Service is rooted in our main buildings. The campaign will address water infiltration by tuck-pointing all brick; repair cast stone, windows, roof, wood and stucco; replace elevator controls in Smith; remove asbestos from Memorial; and replace electronics and clean, tune and voice the organs.


Benchmark One: $4,270,000

Cracking cast stone Deteriorating mortar between bricks Deteriorating windows

Sanctuary, Smith & Memorial: scaffolding; brick tuck-pointing; window & roofing repairs; landscaping; wood, stucco replacement. Cast stone repairs to Sanctuary, organ preservation, and elevator controls replacement and asbestos abatement in Memorial

Benchmark Two: $150,000

Memorial Building HVAC replacement

Benchmark Three: $300,000

Memorial Building basement waterproofing