Capital campaign FAQs

What does this campaign include?

The campaign has three benchmarks. The first totals about $8 million. It includes about $4 million to tuck-point brick and repair windows, doors & roof on the Sanctuary and Smith Building, $1 million for the Building Preservation Fund, administrative costs, technology upgrades and organ preservation.

The second benchmark, about $1.2 million, would address asbestos abatement, HVAC, and flooring/ceiling/painting in Corl Building as well as HVAC in Memorial, and would relocate the Weekday Preschool during the work.

The third benchmark, about $1 million, would waterproof the Memorial basement, replace elevator controls in Mullin Life Center, and support the Sid & Cathy Batts Pastoral Residency Program.

A 10 percent tithe of the amount raised will go to organizations selected by the Outreach Committee: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro (est. $700,000) and the Family Success Center of the United Way of Greater Greensboro (est. $300,000).

Didn’t we fix some of this in the last campaign?

The Memorial and Corl buildings were in the planned scope of work in 2012 but were removed after additional asbestos was discovered in the ceiling tiles of the Sanctuary. It was during this abatement, late in the project, that porous mortar and cast stone issues were discovered. The masonry has continued to deteriorate.

How much debt is the church carrying right now?

None. It was paid off with proceeds from the sale of the Greene Street properties.

What is the timeline for the campaign?

Committee members have been planning for months. The public phase of the campaign will kick off on Sunday, February 18. Commitment Sunday will be March 17, the total will be announced on April 7 with a celebration planned!

When will work begin?

The Project Review Committee, created per Session policy, has begun to meet to figure that out. Co-chairs are Homer Wade and Buddy Seymour, with Alex Harrill and Trip Brown from the Property Committee, Carolyn Woodruff from the Finance Committee, and at-large members Dan Goley, Ross Harris, Jim Hoeger, and Rhonda Youngdahl. The committee is working with Sutton Kennerly and Blum Construction, our partners from the 2012 renovation.

Is this part of the Shetler Place proposal or the church’s 200th anniversary?

No. Session decided not to move forward with the Shetler proposal. There may be further conversations about the building but it is not included in the campaign. The 200th celebration will launch in the fall and has its own group planning the festivities.