Church School

Church School classes begin at 9:30 am for all ages throughout the church campus each Sunday.

If you're not sure where to find a meeting location, enter through the Welcome Center at the corner of North Elm and Fisher Park Circle. A greeter guide will be available to help.


Classes for preschoolers (age 3-pre-K) meet in Room 102 of Mullin Life Center.

Classes for elementary-age children usually meet on the third floor of the Corl Building, behind the Sanctuary. Milestone classes for elementary grades begin Sunday, Jan. 6. Info here.

Parents of Milestone class members have a special parallel class in Corl 305. (See Soularium, right column).

Nursery care is available on the ground floor of Mullin Life Center.


Youth classes meet on the third floor of the Memorial Building.  

Eighth-graders begin Confirmation class Jan. 6. Parents of Confirmation class members meet in Memorial 300 for a parallel class: Big God, Big Questions for Parents.

Adult classes


Meets in the Garden Room each Sunday. The Garden Room is adjacent to the Welcome Center, located at the corner of Fisher Park Circle and North Elm Street. 

January: Prof. Sandie Gravett's series, "Reconsidering the Parables of Jesus."


Meets in Blair Hagan Room, first floor of Memorial Building behind Memorial Chapel.

Jan. 13: Holly Sienkiewicz, the Director for the Center for New North Carolinians  will be our guest talking about services they provide and volunteer opportunities for refugees in our area.

Jan. 27: Emily Rhyne (with Witness for Peace) and Luis Garcia, will answer questions about issues and policies that affect the people who are fleeing Central American countries.

Homebuilders / Faith Matters

These two classes join together in Myers Loyalty Room, located on the hallway behind the Sanctuary.

January: Old Testament Bible Characters

  • Jan. 6: Moses, led by Rev. Neil Dunnavant, executive pastor
  • Jan. 13: Saul, led by Neil
  • Jan. 20: Solomon, led by Rev. Myles Fish, director of stewardship and discipleship
  • Jan. 27: David, led by Neil


Meets in the Vaughn Conference Room (Main 125), beneath the Sanctuary.

Current topic: Exodus


Meets in Corl 305

January: 100 Things to Know About Being a Christian, especially for parents of grade K-5 Milestone class members.


Meets in Redhead Hall, adjacent to Memorial Chapel, off North Elm Street half a block south of the Sanctuary.

January: Gerald Donnelly leads a discussion on Constantine the Great, the first Roman Emperor to profess Christianity. He became known as the “13th Apostle." This class will explore his life, accomplishments, and legacy. For example, in 313 CE, he issued the Edict of Milan, an agreement to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire. He also convened the Council of Nicaea, a meeting that allowed the great minds of the church to iron out their theological differences and come up with a unified Christian creed, the Nicene Creed. Constantinople, now called Istanbul, was founded by Constantine in 324 CE and became a second Rome for Eastern Christianity.