Church School

Church School classes for all ages begin at 9:30 am throughout the church campus each Sunday.

Preschool classes meet on the ground floor of Mullin Life Center. Elementary age children (grades K-5) meet on the third floor of the Corl Building. Youth classes (grades 6-12) meet on the third floor of the Memorial Building. See adult class information below.

If you're not sure where to find a meeting location, enter through the Welcome Center at the corner of North Elm and Fisher Park Circle. A greeter guide will be available to help.

The Book of Job


The story of Job addresses many of the most basic themes in religion and philosophy: what is our place in the universe, the nature of the divine, and the meaning of individual human experience. The Book of Job sets up a situation in which the protagonist, Job, is forced to ask: What is the nature of suffering? Why do good people suffer? What part does God play in suffering? And how do we humans make sense of suffering?

Job has lasted for so many centuries precisely because it asks these fundamental questions, even though it doesn't offer easy answers. Our faith, if it is to survive knowingly and honestly, must live in an unjust world. Job learns that while the world may not be to his liking, the world will hold at its center, because it is God's world. The world does not rest in Job's virtue. In the end, Job is released for yielding and submission, for trust and praise, and finally he is released for freedom to live.

Join Gerald Donnelly in Redhead Hall at 9:30 am throughout April, hosted by YMBC.

Other adult classes


Meets in the Garden Room, Smith 124.

  • April 8: Alexa Aycock will discuss the book Hillbilly Elegy.
  • April 15: Tessa Kirkpatrick and Glenn Williamson will talk about the Giving Back Garden and the use of its vegetables for Backpack Beginnings and other organizations.
  • April 22 and 29: Rev. Neil Dunnavant will talk about The American Presbyterian Way of Life: Celebrating Our Culture and Heritage.


Meets in Blair Hagan Room (Memorial 100) behind Memorial Chapel.

  • April 8-22: Gun Violence & Gospel Values led by our pastors.
  • April 29: Jack Harrington teaches The Kingdom of God; Providence Baptist visits. New location: Virginia Gilmer Room.

Faith, Community, Action

Meeting room varies.

  • April: Joins Commitment class (above).


This class for young adults meets in Memorial 200. Gather on Facebook.

Homebuilders and Faith Matters

Meets in Myers Loyalty Room (Smith 239) behind the Sanctuary.

  • April: Joins Commitment class (above).


Meets in the Vaughn Conference Room (Main 125), beneath the Sanctuary.

  • Current topic: Genesis


Meets in Redhead Hall adjacent to Memorial Chapel.

  • April: Gerald Donnelly teaches a series about the Book of Job (see left).