Even though this has been and will continue to be a very unusual summer, the warm weather may still bring to us some unexpected rest and reflection. Summer is a good time to remember or discover some sacred, timeless truths about life. Here are three I commend to you.


1. If something weighs heavily on your mind, act on it.

Especially if it is something that is sure only to bring someone peace and joy. For example, write a letter, send a text or email, to people who have meant a lot to you. Thank them for what they have done for you.

If you start thinking about someone, pick up the phone and call. Check on that person.

I am convinced there are methods of communication between humans and other living things that we just haven’t figured out yet. A few weeks ago Kate had a very disturbing dream that our granddaughter Reagan almost drowned. That same night an employee of our daughter’s insurance company had a dream that she gave swimming lessons to both of our grandchildren. She is an expert swimmer. Two days later they met for the swim lessons.


2. It is difficult to have clear thoughts and good ideas amidst constant noise.

Even Jesus had to get away from it all and go to the other side of the lake and climb a hill to be alone to think and pray.

We all need to get more comfortable sitting in silence without a computer or phone. Surely it would help the world immensely if we could all get away from the constant noise and demands of life for a little while now and then.

There is a Hopi Indian word, Koyannisqatsi, that means out of harmony with the earth. My best guess is that a lot of that disharmony comes from too much noise and unnecessary distractions.

We seem to be afraid of silence and inactivity when it might be the very thing that restores our souls. He leadeth me beside the still waters. Leave your laptop back at the cabin!


3. Tomorrow is another opportunity to get it right.

In my former church in Virginia, one of our members went out every morning to buy one pack of cigarettes. He refused to stock up because he wanted to believe that tomorrow he would quit and not need those other packs.

Sometimes conquering a bad habit takes lots and lots of failure. But finally maybe on the 900th day, success!

Hope does spring eternal. I believe that. God is eternally patient with us. I am counting on it.