Rev. Neil Dunnavant

Rev. Neil Dunnavant
Executive Pastor

Thanks to Elder Michael Hunt, Hoke Huss, and all of our outreach volunteers, the Wednesday Drive-By collection ministry continues to be a huge success. At the Peppermint Parade, we collected 1,156 pounds of food for Greensboro Urban Ministry. We have collected 21 packages of diapers for FaithAction International and almost 200 coats for Guilford County schoolchildren. The coats are collected by Backpack Beginnings’ Clothing Pantry Program, and church member Leigh Jones is their coordinator.

Our plan is to continue the Wednesday Drive-By into the winter, 10 am to 2 pm in front of Redhead Hall on Elm Street. Thanks to all of you for your inspiring concern and generosity for the poor and hungry in our city. This Wednesday will be the last Drive-By for the year, then it returns Jan. 6, 2021.


I am happy to tell you that all three of Lady’s puppies have been adopted. Will and Lauren Martin and their boys Calvin and Henry adopted the most social of the and named him Tuffy, after the NC State mascot. Tuffy is doing very well in his new home in Fisher Park. The other two were adopted locally in Patrick County, Virginia.

The fate of Lady is another story. The plan was to catch her in a no-harm box trap and then bring her to a specialist who works with skittish dogs. But Lady would not go into the trap. Next they tried sedatives mixed in her food. It made her wobbly but still too fast to catch. Plan C is to try a different and more potent sedative. Through all this she is doing well and always greets us and anyone else who drives into the property with what appears to me pure joy and athletic prancing. She will enthusiastically go with us on long walks in the woods but always stays at least 30 yards away. It’s like she is saying to us, “I’m so glad you are here and love the company, but I prefer to stay very socially distanced.”

After four months of all our tender loving care, she will not get any closer to us. Our neighbors have been kind to continue to feed her when we are not there, which is most of the time. We continue to hope for the best for her. It will be both sad and happy the day she finally leaves our farm. It has been quite an adventure.