Rev. Neil Dunnavant

Rev. Neil Dunnavant,
Executive Pastor

The Book of Genesis is the crown jewel, the masterpiece of the Old Testament. Perhaps it has been a while since you have read it through like you would a novel at the beach. It’s only about 66 pages long, much shorter than any novel.

If you prefer to listen, there is an excellent audio version with the famous Alexander Scourby reading it in the King James Version. It is about 3 and a half hours.  It would be a great book to listen to in the car or on a walk.

Many of us have never taken the time to properly study and read the Bible. We get only snatches here and there. Perhaps it is too big an assignment to take on the entire Bible right now with summer almost over and a busy autumn ahead.

But I encourage you to try just one book, and that book is the very first one, Genesis. There are stories galore, and many of them will surprise you greatly as well as provide high entertainment.

Instead of watching a movie tonight, maybe put on the Scourby reading, sit back, and enjoy. You will not regret it. You will not get bored.