Donna Chase,
Director of Spiritual Formation

Growing up singing songs of the faith in Sunday School and VBS, a favorite of mine was God is So Good. The simple lyrics reiterate important theological concepts that we want our children to grasp from a young age:

God is so good

God loves us so

God hears our prayers

I will praise God

God’s goodness and love towards God’s people sets the stage for the fruit of goodness to be produced in our lives. Counting our blessings and growing in gratitude are Spiritual practices that remind us to slow down and pay attention to all of God’s goodness on display in our lives on a daily basis. This assurance forms us into people who share God’s goodness generously with others.

Today’s video on Goodness includes the song All Good Gifts from the broadway production “Godspell.” Enjoy listening to the words prayerfully and taking in the visuals. Following the scripture and song, you will be guided through the Ignatian spiritual practice of the Daily Examen which includes an opportunity to reflect gratefully on your day and consider the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

God is so good.

God is so Good.

God is so Good.

God’s so good to me