StepUp Greensboro

step-up-gradsOur church helped launch and continues to support StepUp Greensboro, which offers job training and interview skills at its office across Greene Street from our campus. Pictured at right are the most recent graduates of the program.

Learn more at StepUp's Web site.

If you'd like to get involved with StepUp's work, contact Anthony Bass, 336-676-5871 or

Changes to clothing ministry

Please drop off donations of professional clothing for StepUp Greensboro at its office on Greene Street across from the church. The Encore! shop is closing at the end of June.  Donations provide interview clothing for participants in Job Readiness training. 

A program update

After needing to close StepUp last October, we were able to reopen before Christmas with Anthony Bass as our program director. A very successful job readiness class was held the first week of February with 15 graduates.  

We have two employees and will continue into the future with a much smaller but highly effective staff. Rev. Neil Dunnavant and several FPC members have worked to make sure StepUp has a bright future and a financial base that is solid, realistic, and sustainable. Church members on StepUp's board include Mike Godwin, chairman, and Len White, Teri Hammer, Honey Moore and Billy Nutt.

StepUp is counting on your continued prayers and participation.