Paisley Heritage Fellowship

Making the Future Possible

Each May, we recognize the Paisley Heritage Fellows. These members have included FPC in their estate plans – for instance, having FPC in their wills, designating part of their life insurance or IRAs/401(k)s, setting up a gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, etc.

Future Mission Tripper

Dan McAlisterRecognize Dan McAlister?

Who knew this quiet kid would grow up to spend part of his summer vacation
serving low-income families in Johns Island, S.C.?

Dan's planned gift to FPC will nurture compassion in kids for generations to come.


Future Strategic Planner

David SprinkleRecognize David Sprinkle?

When he was a boy, members of his church helped him develop the faith that guides him as a leader at FPC.

Now David is planning to nurture his church family for generations to come.


Future Beadle and Presbyterian Women Moderator

George and Kitty RobisonRecognize George & Kitty Robison?

When they were kids, who knew that one day George would don a kilt and process down the aisle with the Paisley Bible, or that Kitty would develop new relational circles for women of the church?

As FPC leaders, George & Kitty see how things change even as our missional message remains the same. Their planned gift to FPC will help future leaders reach out to families whose lifestyles we cannot yet imagine.

Future Rejoice! Worshiper

Smack MackRecognize Janice "Smack" Mack?

When this little girl put on tights and a hairbow for church, who knew that one day she would attend worship with hot coffee and cool music in Mullin Life Center?

Who knew there'd even be a Mullin Life Center?

Smack’s planned gift to FPC will provide meaningful worship for generations to come.


Future Wholeness Advocate

Louann ClarkeRecognize Louann Clarke?

As a child, she was happy to cuddle her siblings. At FPC, her work with the Service of Wholeness and the Mental Health Ministry Team shows God’s love to her church family.

With her planned gift, Louann sends her love to future generations of FPC members – and to the people they will serve.