Ministries of Health

Through our ministries here at First Presbyterian Church, we hope to change lives and in doing so transform communities.  What we do in and through our worship, our outreach, and when caring for each other is promote the health and well-being of people in the context of their relationship to God, family and community.

Health is multi-dimensional: spiritual, mental, physical, relational, environmental, vocational.  It is more than the absence of disease.  Health involves all of life: healthy relationships, good schools and jobs, spiritual growth, self awareness, adequate food, water and  housing, healthy attitudes, finding purpose and meaning in life. 

It is from this "wholistic" perspective that we exercise concern, compassion, and justice in our lives, in the church, in the community and around the world where each one moves closer toward the health, healing and wholeness God intends for all creation. 

Whether it is coming alongside an existing ministry, offering an educational program, starting a new program or Bible study, or volunteering through a service organization, the people of FPC are becoming more intentional and committed to responding to the multiple and complex challenges of life.