Lent 2021: Week two, Feb. 28-March 6

The Lord is in our work, home, and schools


Rev. Neil Dunnavant

Rev. Neil Dunnavant, Executive Pastor

Second Sunday of Lent, February 28 – Neil Dunnavant preaches, “The Grapes of Wrath and the Ghost of Tom Joad” from Mark 8:31-38.

Color the house (from your kit or print here) and attach it to your garland.

Children’s Church School: The practice of prayer, for families with elementary age children. On Zoom at 9:30 am; link in weekly family email or contact Lisa Witherspoon.


Jill guides blessings for our homes, schools, and work in an audio recording.


Remember the places you have lived and times you felt God at work in those seasons. Give thanks for the people (and pets!) who shared those spaces with you.


Members at their workplace or volunteer projects share what they do and how they see it connected to their faith.

   Anne Shoemaker here.

Nathan Vercaemert  here.

Melissa Lowe here.


Thank someone in your household for something specific.

Learn about affordable housing, homelessness, employment challenges in Greensboro at the Center for Housing and Community Studies, StepUp Greensboro, or Urban Ministry.

Pray for those experiencing homelessness or unemployment.


The Rise of Anti-Semitism in America: Rabbi Andy Koren asks, “Where Do We Go From Here, Together?” Watch the last of this two-part webinar here. See part one here.

Life Together: Chapter One video by Matt Logan. Discussion questions here. See Jill Duffield’s introduction. Learn the backstory.

Playlist on Spotify

Family activity calendar for Lent

 Closing of “It’s OK not to be OK” series on teen anxiety, Sunday at 7 pm. Registration full; contact Yolanda Baxter if you need the link.

Lisa Witherspoon, associate director of children’s ministry

reflection: Begins & Ends at Home | Lisa Witherspoon

Household, home. Those words have taken on a whole new significance in the past 10 months, haven’t they? When the need to “stay home” first arose in spring 2020, I was not at all upset. Thinking it would surely be a temporary situation, I looked forward to more family time and less busyness. As time wore on, however, we ran out of board games to play, got tired of trying new recipes, and began to feel our patience with each other wearing thin.

Read Lisa’s entire post on our blog

Gracious God, thank you for those who set extraordinary examples of faith. Though our households look different and each one experiences particular challenges and blessings, we know You are present within them all. Help us to choose You, Lord, again and again and again. Give us wisdom to guide those we love along a path of faithfulness and courage to accompany strangers we meet along the way. Strengthen and embolden our faith. Shore up the places where our faith is weak. We ask these things in the name of your Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.