Holy Week, March 28-April 4


Worship service available on video


Life Together – Chapter Five: Confession and Communion video by Jill Duffield and discussion questions will be posted. See previous videos on the Lenten playlist.

Lenten Playlist on Spotify

Family activity calendar


Drive-through Communion, 5-6 pm on Fisher Park Circle in front of the Sanctuary. Four stations, please pull to the next open station.

Worship on video, 7:30 pm


Organ offering with reflections/meditations by Jill Duffield, 7:30 pm on video.


Easter Eve Vigil: 2:30-4:30 pm and 6:30-8:30 pm Saturday, and 8-10 am Sunday. Walk through eight stations in the Sanctuary. Reservations will be required, with masks and social distancing. RSVP on Signup Genius beginning March 19, with phone option for those who need it.


  • Sunrise services: Brief, outdoor services, 7 am and 7:30 am. Limited to 25 per service; reservations required. 
  • Worship on video, 10:30 am
  • Bring a flower for the cross. Please wear your mask and observe social distancing.

Maria Hanlin, pastoral care

Palm Sunday reflection: What kind of place? | Maria Hanlin

On Palm Sunday, 2018, Tim and I went to Plains, Ga., to attend President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Class. President Carter asked me to begin the morning in prayer. It is a lifetime memory.

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John Alexander, director of music ministry

Maundy Thursday reflection: Where charity and love are | John Alexander

No matter how many styles of music that I listen to, I am regularly drawn back to the simplicity and beauty of Gregorian chant. One of my favorite chants to listen to for both the music and the text is “Ubi Caritas.” I was first introduced to this chant sitting in the back row of the choir room at FPC during my first year as a music intern, and it is one of a few pieces that I still vividly remember experiencing for the first time.

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Newton Cowan, pastoral care

Holy Saturday reflection: Thinking and wondering | Newton Cowan

It is really hard to imagine what the disciples; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and many others were thinking. Can you imagine what it was like to witness the entry into the Temple Mount on Palm Sunday, the events of Holy Week and the Last Supper? The arrest, the “trial”, the beating, the Crucifixion, the Death of Christ, can you imagine?

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Kevin Murray, director of youth ministry

Easter reflection: The never-ending story | Kevin Murray

Easter is here, Jesus is risen. To properly celebrate we need to turn to the Easter stories in the Gospels. A great example is the ending of the Gospel of Mark. You may notice (or remember) that in your Bible it has “other” endings to the Gospel, and we will get to that in a second, but here is our reading and the original ending to the Gospel of Mark:

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Rev. Neil Dunnavant

Rev. Neil Dunnavant, executive pastor

Good Friday reflection: The sad, abiding presence of mob violence | Neil Dunnavant

I guess Good Friday (the day of the crucifixion and death of Jesus) is good because of the theology that developed – that His suffering and death somehow pays for our sins. Or as Mark’s Gospel interprets, the death led to personal immediate access to God.

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