Dear Families,

I hope everyone is doing well this week! 


This Sunday

Kindergarten-5th grade will continue their Lenten series. They begin together in CORL 306 at 10am. After working together on a prayer practice and experiencing the bible story, we will split up into two smaller groups – K-2nd & 3rd-5th – for more activities. This is a great way to build relationships across ages!

  • March 20 – Seeing Jesus
  • March 27 – A Passover Meal
  • April 3 – Jesus Dies

Preschoolers will meet in MLC 101 and will be studying these same lessons.

Join us in worship at 9am in Rejoice or 11am in the Sanctuary!

**Nursery care is available on the first floor of the Life Center for infants, toddlers, & preschoolers during both worship services and Sunday School. Our nursery staff are all full time elementary and preschool teachers who have received our Child Protection Training. They would love to welcome your little ones to our wonderful nursery spaces! 

If you are looking for a Sunday school class for yourself, join other parents in the Life Center during the Sunday School hour.


Coming Up

  • **This Sunday, March 20 – The Diaper Bank has reopened their Winston Salem branch, but they are not quite fully operational, so they will be delivering some pallets of diapers to us that we will wrap ON SITE AT FPC on March 20th! We will meet in the back of the Life Center from 2-4pm. If you would like to join us, please sign up HERE so we know how many packing stations to set up! Our diaper collection is ongoing, so feel free to drop some diapers in the red wagons any time you are at FPC!  
  • April 10- Palm Sunday & Resurrection Egg Hunt! Families are invited to join us at 10 am on the Elm Street/Labyrinth Playground for a resurrection egg hunt. After the hunt, we’ll have some treats and fellowship. **Children are invited to join the Palm Processional in either Rejoice or Sanctuary! 
  • April 17- Easter Sunday –Children & Parents are invited to join us at 10am on the Elm Street/Labyrinth Playground for bells, bubbles, music, parachute games and fellowship! 
  • April 24 – No Sunday School for children & youth
  • May 1 – 5th grade Celebration Breakfast – 10am
  • May 15 – Children’s musical and preschool bibles in worship! (If you have a “rising” three year old, you will be receiving an email from me about the bible presentation.)

**SAVE THE DATE for Vacation Bible School & Summer Kids Disciple Club! August 1-4 from 9am-noon! Registration coming soon! **FPC members and volunteers will get priority registration! If you would like to help with VBS, you can sign up HERE. 



During Lent, I’ll be adding this section to the E-News to share some easy ways you can experience Lent at home with your family.

We have talked about giving and I hope you are working on your Favorite Things Boxes! See attachment for a reminder.

Last week, I shared some prayer practices to consider trying with your family. If you missed it, you can read those HERE.

The third pillar of Lent is fasting which is tough to do with kids. I suggest, instead, to substitute and reframe. For example, instead of saying “We are giving up soda for a week!” say “Let’s make sure we all drink at least three glasses of water every day this week to help our bodies stay healthy!” Another example could be, instead of “Let’s give up screen time😲!” say “Let’s make sure we spend at least 30 minutes outside every day this week.” Some additional tips:

  • Decide as a family what you might do and work on it together, encouraging and supporting each other. 
  • Think in “bite sized” chunks. With children, don’t try to give up something for the whole 40 days. Try something for just a week – or even just a day! – to get started. 
  • Remember that the point of fasting is to make more room and be closer to God. It is NOT about giving something up just for the sake of giving something up! So, using the examples I gave above, when you drink the water, be intentional about thanking God for the food & water you have and praying for others who don’t have that. When you go outside, be intentional about noticing colors or listening and say a prayer thanking God for his beautiful creation.
  • Once you have done it, review it! What was good about it? What was hard about it? What did you learn from it?


Other Notes and Info

Just as a reminder, masks are now optional on our campus for all ages. Food & drink are now allowed inside the building. We will continue with distanced seating in worship. If you have questions about this, please reach out! 


Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns! 

Lisa Witherspoon
Director of Children’s Ministry
First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC
(336) 478-4726