February 16, 2020 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am

Confirmation #: 9256772
Description: Wil Courter will lead a discuss on the topic, ‘Could the USA do some things better?’ We will view and discuss a documentary film that shows how 9 other countries have chosen to do things in the areas of education, health care, imprisonment, elder care, working conditions, parental leave, illegal drugs, women’s rights, nutrition, and more. We want to learn from these examples, and challenge ourselves and our country to do some of these things better.
Contact Name: Yolanda Baxter
Contact Number: 336-478-4722
Contact Email: ybaxter@fpcgreensboro.org
Resources: Memorial Bldg., Rm. 100, Blair Hagan
Event Details: http://public.serviceu.com/calendar/EventDetails.asp?OrgKey=496ec6f4-09a4-49f8-b958-b553e9bebe9a&EventID=9256772&OccID=434939248