Secret Saints

Secret SaintsSecret Saints connect our church family with our out-of-town college and boarding school students by praying for and encouraging our students.

It's an extension of the familiar promise that we make each time a child is baptized in our church: "Do you as members of First Presbyterian Church promise to guide and nurture (the child) by word, deed, with love and prayer, encouraging them to know and follow Christ and to be faithful members of this church?"

Serving as a Secret Saint will be the last opportunity to fulfill that promise as we send the “children” of our church off to boarding school or college and toward young adulthood.

Each Secret Saint is matched with an out-of-town college or boarding school student. If you have questions, please contact Anne Yarbrough at or 336-273-8594.

Be a Secret Saint

If God is calling you to be part of this ministry of the Pastoral Care Committee, please use this form.

Are you a student?

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