Pastoral Reflection on the Las Vegas Shootings

SidThe day after the Las Vegas shooting where one person with guns killed 58 concert-goers and wounded hundreds of others, we had a prayer vigil here at First Presbyterian  in our chapel. We prayed, we lit candles, and we worshipped in silence, expressing our sorrow, grief, and hope. 

It seems that the new normal in our nation is mass killings from gun violence. As the Psalmist reminds us, we cry, “How long, O Lord?” In this great country of ours, we are making remarkable strides on challenges such as finding cancer cures and reducing cancer deaths; but with gun violence and mass killings ... we seem to be paralyzed ... and have accepted this as our new normal.

So yes, we pray, “How long, O Lord? ... and my prayer for Christians is that we will not accept the cancer of gun violence as our new normal and will seek solutions in the same spirit we collaborate to cure cancer.

— Sid Batts, senior pastor
Oct. 8, 2017