Milestone classes for children

Children in elementary school have a Milestone class beginning Jan. 7. The classes share the elements of the faith ranging from Communion to the Catechism. They meet on the third floor of the Corl Building at 9:30 am on Sundays.

  • Kindergartners: My First Bible -- will be recognized during Rejoice! service Jan. 7 -- class meets in Corl 204.
  • First-graders: Ready, Set, Worship! -- class meets in Corl 301.
  • Second-graders: Touch the Water, Taste the Bread -- class meets in Corl 300.
  • Third- & fourth-graders: Getting to Know My Student Bible -- will process into 10:30 am Sanctuary service -- class meets in Corl 304.
  • Fifth-graders: Practicing Our Faith -- class meets in Corl 306.

If you have questions, contact Donna Chase, or 336-478-4725.

Parents have a parallel class that will cover many of the same topics at 9:30 am Sundays in Memorial 300.